Saturday, August 11, 2012

Great Wives Need Great Husbands

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. (Pro 18:22)

What a blessing my wife has been to me! Thank you, Lord, for your favor. I cannot imagine what our lives would be like without each other. In this day when marriage is under attack and good marriages seem so rare, how blessed have I been to have such a wonderful wife! I think about how many people give up on marriage – men and women who are disappointed in the person they married. Especially, I am saddened by men who grow bored or disillusioned with their wives and leave them for what they think will be greener pastures. It seems to me a lot of men get the wife they deserve – one might even say the wife they have created by their mistreatment of her. If he is selfish she will be resentful. If he is lazy she will be a nag. If he is distant she will be cold. If he has a wandering eye she will be jealous. If he is not affectionate she will be emotionally needy. If he is irresponsible she will be insecure.

Lord, so much hurt and sorrow can be avoided if we are obedient to your commands! Forgive me for my failings as a husband. Thank you that I have a wife who is so much better than I deserve. Thank you for teaching us how to love each other. I pray that the men in our society, especially the Christians, will step up to the challenge of being loving and faithful husbands as well as wise and loving fathers. Comfort and encourage those women whose husbands have not fulfilled their vows. I pray that the church will lead the way in restoration of marriage to your God-given design. Amen.

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