Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dishonest Scales

The Lord abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are his delight. (Pro 11:1)

This is one of those verses that seem so foreign to us culturally. In Biblical times, every merchant would have a scale and a set of weights for measuring the goods exchanged. A dishonest merchant would keep two sets of weights – lighter ones for weighing his product and heavier ones for weighing your payment. This must have been a common scam because it is condemned many times in the Bible. In our day, everything comes prepackaged at the store and we pay whatever is rung up on the cash register. So in one sense this verse no longer seems to apply to us. But the sins of dishonesty and selfishness are still with us.

As I reflect on how this verse may yet apply to my life, I realize that I do indeed keep two sets of weights. With one I weigh what others do for me and with the other I weigh what I do for others. Like the dishonest merchant, I overvalue what I do to serve others and undervalue what others do to serve me. I am quick to be put out when others ask for my help and slow to show gratitude for the help I receive. Lord, forgive me for my selfishness, which I compound by my dishonesty and ingratitude. By your Incarnation and your death on the cross you gave us the supreme example of servanthood. Convict me when I fail to follow in your footsteps. Amen.

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